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About this whole breakup thing, I think Adam will be fine I think we as fans are having a harder time dealing with it than he is having. Breaking up is not always a bad thing because sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go, maybe their relationship was going downhill and they both decided it would be better to break up before it escalates and they get into a fight and break up fighting. Idk im upset about this shit like everyone, but im trying to put it into perspective a bit, because if this interview on that site is really true and these quotes are true too then adam doesnt seem to be completeley devastated by it. He seems to be in peace with it because they broke up in peace.
And idk Adam has so many friends and he has his family, he is not alone, people will take care of him if he really breaks down or idk. Personally I am more worried about all the fans right now, all the fans who are crying, maybe even getting into a depression because of this, because who is going to take care of them? I am just trying to say that if Adam is in peace with it we should try to calm down a bit too. Ofcourse we can be sad and upset about it, but don’t let it consume all your thoughts and don’t let it ruin your week.

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